RLR MSport specialises in the preparation of modern and historic sports and single-seater racecars, providing a full range of services from its specialist facilities in Lancashire, England:Full car rebuilds and restorations;

• Full car rebuilds and restoration;
• Preparation for track days and racing;
• Race weekend support;
• Racing car development;
• Servicing and modification of high performance and classic road cars;

RLR MSport can also advise on safety equipment or upgrading your car to competition specification, while providing troubleshooting and preventative maintenance that will allow customers to enjoy a full and uninterrupted season of racing.

The team has a number of ways of running diagnostics on vehicles, including:

• A two-wheel rolling road to calculate the power output at the wheels of any vehicle;
• A 1000bhp engine dyno to calculate engine output and torque;
• Adams software enables RLR MSport’s engineers to assess the dynamics of moving components and the loads and forces in mechanical systems by simulating vehicle dynamics under any conditions, including but not limited to, damping and suspension setups. Using the software allows RLR MSport to detect any potential faults and implement necessary changes to make vehicles fit for racing;

Refurbished suspension on a Ferrari

• A damper dyno to test and match shock absorbers, and determine valving, stroke and whether any changes are required to the basic damper specification;
• Oscilloscope test and measurement software from market leader Pico to identify electrical faults;
• Quarter-scale wind tunnel capabilities to test and predict the aerodynamic performance of vehicle components and shapes;
• Ansys Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyse problems with fluid flows, enabling RLR MSport to test anything from vehicle bodywork to the internal flow of fluids, such as exhaust gases;
• Ansys Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software predicts how a component will react to real-world forces, including vibrations, heat, fluid flow and other physical effects. RLR MSport assesses the strength of components to exact failure, tensile strength failure, while conducting torsion tests and non-destructive tests to show stress and fatigue;
• RLR MSport assists with bespoke chassis and component design to clents’ exact requirements.